This is my showcase!

There is a brief description of the project, followed by a link. Some of the links require a specific reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, but all are readily available.

Local Government System Webhelp

This is a merged webhelp, created using Madcap Flare. Each of the sections is a separate project, normally compiled to a html help file (or .chm), printed as a user manual, and printed as training guides.

LGS Webhelp

This is a user manual. It comes from the source used to create the records section in the above web help.

LGS Product Manual

This is the training manual for the records program. Again, it's single sourced from the record maintenace program documentation. The reference section from the user manual isn't used, and various training activities are added to the end of each section.

LGS Training Manual

To complete the single-source documentation there is a HTML help file. It has a .chm extension, often referred to as a "chum". This particular help file has been set up to provide context sensitive help. The records management program can open the help at a particular topic by passing ID numbers to the help file.

HTML help file

Landrover Website

This website was constructed using DreamWeaver as an assignment while studying the Advanced Diploma in Applied Information Technology. I am particularly proud of the roll-over effects for the opening and closing of the doors. Follow the kick tyres link to see what I mean.

I also like the rollover for the left and right buttons - they just seem to hang in space, the drop shadows creating the effect that they are being pressed. A similar thing is used for the navigation buttons at left.

View the entire website.